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Our multiple-patent-pending technology means Pivot Tennis is accurate, helpful, and fast.

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Every way you move

Multiple sensors for better body tracking.

A truly accurate system for capturing your body's motion is going to need data from different parts of your body--that is, from multiple motion sensors. But combining data from multiple sensors is hard. Sensor data arrives at different times and must be synchronized before data can be read correctly. Frankly, that’s why multiple-sensor systems are rare.

But the benefits of taking the more difficult path are huge. Our approach lets us know exactly where each major bone in your body is, what angle it’s at, how far away it is from the rest of your body, and even how it’s rotated.

For tennis players, that means we can tell you to the inch whether you're hitting the ball out in front, whether your elbow is hyperextended, whether your shoulders are level, and even whether you're holding a Continental grip when you're supposed to be hitting a Western!

Built for speed

Handles fast swings.

Tennis racquet head speeds can easily be 50 miles per hour or more. Keeping up takes some fancy technical footwork. Fortunately, Pivot is ready.

Our sensors sample at 100 Hz, which means we’re recording your position 100 times every second. And our sensor fusion algorithms--that is to say, our technology for recording, synthesizing, and cleaning the data coming out of your sensors--are also built for speed. So as you swing faster, our system stays with you, millisecond by millisecond.

Other motion capture systems lose accuracy as your body moves faster, in a process called quaternion drift. Trust us, it's as bad as it sounds!

Wireless genius

Wireless data, redesigned.

Unless you want to be tethered to a a wire running into a computer (which some systems still do!), the data coming out of your sensors needs to be gathered wirelessly.

Unfortunately, off the shelf protocols, ways of moving data wirelessly, simply aren't good enough. Some, like Bluetooth, are inefficient, and consume too much power. Some are simply too slow. And a few are unreliable.

The result is we had to build our own wireless protocol, in order to be as fast as we wanted, and to make sure your batteries last as long as you need.

So Smart, It’s Intelligent

Real-time advice.

Pivot Tennis is aware of what your body is doing--and what it's supposed to be doing. That way, we can recommend changes to how you move, in real-time. We call that Motion Artificial Intelligence, and it’s the foundation for teaching skills. Just as any teaching pro would notice that your elbow might be too locked on a forehand, Pivot will notice any important deviation from the stroke you’re trying to learn, no matter how small.

The days of staring at old videos of your favorite player and hoping to imitate their strokes are over. With Pivot, you'll know exactly how close you are to matching their strokes, inch by inch.

Biomechanically Inclined

We know how bodies and joints move.

A big part of interpreting sensor data correctly is to understand how it is human bodies move, and how they don’t move. Our biomechanics model acts as an error-checking mechanism-—we use a multi-level Kalman filtering framework to weed out any errors-—so that our understanding of where each part of your body is remains accurate.

Before PIVOT, most motion-capture systems used mechanical models built on data generated by robots. Our engineers have spent decades proving that these off-the-shelf models are inaccurate, which is why we've had to make something better. Because after all, we want to teach people to play tennis. Not robots!

Expert - Ready

Choose a stroke that fits.

There’s more than one way to hit a tennis ball. Yet many apps and systems have their own, single idea about the right way you should be hitting.

At PIVOT, we believe in allowing users to choose which kind of instruction they want, since any tennis teacher knows that you have to fit the stroke to the student as much as the student to the stroke.

Our technical approach lets us work with multiple touring and teaching pros to bring you a variety of strokes, all available simultaneously. Over the months to come, we expect to continually expand our library of pro strokes available.

Start hitting like a pro today!