Easy does it.

Just choose a pro to follow. Then PIVOT gives you unheard-of instant visual feedback about how close your stroke is to theirs.

  • Grip Monitoring

    Once you've chosen a pro, PIVOT shows you what grip to hold--and makes sure you're maintaining it.

  • Learn a Stroke

    We digitally project your racquet, as you swing, into a video of a touring pro’s stroke. Compare frame by frame!

  • Virtual Practice

    Once you’ve learned a stroke, try it out on our virtual practice court. We’ll track your spin and shot location, too.

Real-Time Grip Correction

Our multiple sensors combine to tell us exactly how you’re holding the racquet. We can show you in real-time if and how your grip is different from the pro you selected.

Learn a Stroke, Frame by Frame

PIVOT places a digital version of your racquet, as you swing it, alongside a video of the pro you selected. If your racquet matches the pro, it will be shown as green. If not, it will show as red.

Virtual Practice

Swing at a virtual ball and watch your new stroke in action. We track your swing path, implied contact point, and even spin, to give you a realistic simulation of your shot.

Start hitting like a pro today!